Pricing & Terms

Our basic pricing for support/consulting is simple and public. While you can request our assistance on an ad-hoc basis, we value building an ongoing relationship. If you commit to a number of hours per month, we can resource appropriately and assist more effectively since we’ll be in-the-know about your infrastructure already; and you will note that it’s also cheaper. This is completely unlike a retainer system: with our services we fully aim to use the time for your benefit, so there’s no wastage for you. We also offer a number of specific packages for a fixed price.

Service, Contract and NDA

  • While Open Query cannot guarantee Service results, Open Query agrees to use in good  faith commercially reasonable efforts to provide Service in accordance with the Service standards set forth here and in our Contracts.
  • Our contract is short, equitable, and includes an NDA. You may review our standard contract and service description by downloading the PDFs from the bottom of this page.
  • If your organisation insists on using its own or modified NDA and/or contract, we have to charge an additional AUD 50/hour on any work undertaken to take into account the cost of our legal advice on your documents, and ongoing overheads and risk related to such arrangements.
  • Implicit service contract: any services requested and/or provided while no explicit contract is in effect are subject to our standard terms as described and referenced here.

Rates, Prompt Payment, Bonus Training

  • The default payment term is 14 days, although other terms can be arranged for in our contract. You will pay invoices promptly, or we may choose to not do further business with you. Yes, we do that, as happy business relationships are important to us.
  • For ad-hoc rates and terms, see the next section.
  • Subscriptions are payable in advance, this so we can make sure we have the resources available to assist you. In return for this commitment, you pay a lower hourly rate.
  • With subscriptions, we use a delayed bonus training scheme. That is, you are only eligible for these if you pay on time. The training day(s) become available throughout the term of the contract.
  • Subscription is available in blocks of 4 hours for smaller clients and block of 8 hours for larger clients, the following table provides an overview of how that works out for you in financial terms (prices are in AUD excluding GST)
  • Our emergency option is an offer in addition to the regular subscription hours, and is not available separately. Its pricing is calculated on an individual client basis, taking into account existing infrastructure, business processes and other risk factors.
  • Offered pricing is -unless other agreed- guaranteed for the duration of your contract period, and subject to review at time of contract extension or renewal.
Avg Hours/MonthQuarterlySix-MonthlyAnnually

Ad-Hoc Consulting Rates and Terms

  • Our rate for ad-hoc remote consulting is AUD 200 + Australian GST per hour.
  • We charge actual hours spent on you, rather than using complicated maths with corresponding higher rates. So, if you would like us to write up an extensive report on a particular project, that’s simply charged at the (remote) hourly rate. You know exactly where you’re at, no funny business.
  • Scheduled on-site consulting is charged at AUD 250 + Australian GST per hour, plus travel expenses (car km or flight costs, accommodation).
  • Unscheduled remote rates are 300 per hour for business hours, 450 per hour all other hours. Emergency availability is not guaranteed for non-subscribers. And also for non-subscribers, we only handle one emergency case per client, ever – this is not negotiable. You may come in as an urgent case, but we really don’t want you to stay that way. We do offer emergency services for subscribers.
  • We will invoice you after the initial job, or after a sensible first period (usually one month) for a longer arrangement. You will pay promptly, or we may choose to not do further business with you. Yes, we do that, happy business relationships are important to us.

To discuss your needs or to simply sign up, please contact us and we will help you make your infrastructure perform!