Training Overview

Open Query has on-line and in-person courses available for people and organisations who are looking to learn more about MySQL, MariaDB and related Open Source tools. We also provide OpenStack courses delivered by our training partner Hastexo.

Our courses help you gain skills on how these products work, where they are best used, and how to manipulate them to suit your needs.

We develop our training as short (one/two day) modules grouped together for a particular target audience, so you can sign up to acquire the exact skills you need, when you need them!

We also offer in-house courses for your custom needs, and special pricing for educators and students.

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Our classes are small (in-person max 10-12 people, on-line max 6 people), highly interactive, and (except for BYO laptop course days) each student has their own networked computer (Windows or Linux) for exercises. You won’t be bored!

One of our students noted “This is the way to learn: I’ve gained more in one day with Open Query than in all my time at university!”.

Another blogged “I’ve done talks about MySQL all over the world and thought I knew it reasonably well, but [attending an Open Query training day] I learned 4 significant new things in the first 40 minutes.”

See our current course schedule. For more information, bookings and custom (in-house) needs, simply contact us.

Please note that your confirmation of your seat for scheduled training is contingent on full payment having been received before commencement of the first course day.