About Open Query

Open Query Pty Ltd develops and delivers training and expertise for MySQL & related technologies, including system administration and security. Based in Australia, we have engineers in a number of locations. Generally we work remotely although on-site consulting and training is available.

We are self-funded, debt-free, organically growing, and consequentially profitable since inception. Open Query was founded in 2007 by Arjen Lentz, previously MySQL AB (the original MySQL company) employee#25.

We have particular expertise in “optimisation by design”, maintenance (preventing trouble), scalability and performance tuning, and security. We dislike emergencies, so we focus on helping you prevent inevitable system failure from causing trouble in your overall infrastructure and online presence.

Our flagship pro-active support subscription is there for your ongoing needs for anything from tuning to replication setup to answering developer questions, and we also take proactive steps to ensure your servers’ health, providing you full value for money every month. We feel it most important to build an ongoing relationship. Our pricing is simple, clear, affordable, and published on our site.

Additional points of possible interest:

  • The now illustrious Open Query “transactional writing implements (with rollback)” pencils are made from recycled newspaper rather than new woodpulp.
  • Our invoicing is done in PDF over email, we have not had to print/post a single invoice yet (we would if someone asks).
  • Open Query headquarters uses local solar power, and certified green power.
  • Of course travel (for training, conferences, on-site consulting) has an impact on our carbon footprint. These days, most of our training is done online though.
We do these things because we want to, not to give Open Query some magical green stamp or environmental image. This is probably the only place where you will see us write anything about it. To us, thinking about these things is simply another intrinsic part of building a company sensibly. In this context, it’s generally not even a cost factor and can often bring savings.

The Open Query name and logo are trademarks of Arjen Lentz. Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.