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Joint MySQL/PHP meetup in Bris: talk on distributed revision control!

If you’re around Brisbane, do join us next Tuesday evening for a combined MySQL/PHP meetup… info at

Ian Clatworthy (Canonical) will be presenting on Distributed Version Control, such as is used in Bazaar, Mercurial and Git. You may be using SVN/SVK now, but DVCS is definitely worth a look; it’s a different approach that makes you (and your team) more productive, and avoids many common version control problems (think “everybody stop working we’re doing a merge”, or “eek I had this right half a hour ago”).

To give you an idea of how important this stuff is…. a brief snip from a conversation I just had with a developer:

D: I was wondering whether you got to set up that mercurial repository?
A: sorry not yet. but I presume you’ve created a local one with hg init so that can be pushed at any time when I create it, it won’t delay anything.
D: oh didn’t know it worked like that
A: it does. your repo is identical to the host’s.

In a nutshell, with distributed revision control, when you need a new repository you just create one locally, you don’t need to wait for someone to create one on a main server. It can, at any point, be synchronised there.

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  1. Ok shameless plug. But I would appreciate it if you guys would find the time to talk about emPHPower sometime during the meetup:

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