MySQL 5.x Upgrade and Features (legacy module)

Product: MySQL/MariaDB
Audience: Developer, DBA

MySQL 5.0 introduced a range of new advanced features including stored procedures and functions, cursors, views, triggers, INFORMATION SCHEMA, but also changes like precision math, strict mode, and optimisations. MySQL 5.1 adds partitioning and more. The MariaDB 5.x series contributed a number of additional enhancements.

This course module is useful for developers and organisations who are preparing for an upgrade of their older application to MySQL 5.x, or wanting to develop for MySQL 5.x and need to get up to date with its features as well as changes from previous versions.

Note that while we support many clients on MySQL and MariaDB 5.x, we’re moving towards MariaDB 10.0, which is MariaDB’s next version after 5.5 also incorporating features from stock (Oracle) MySQL 5.6. If you are still on an early 5.x version (or even 4.x) we recommend you aim for MariaDB 10.0. See also our MariaDB 10.0 upgrade and new features module. Naturally any major version upgrade, particularly a multi-step one, needs to be approached with care. All our upgrade modules cover this aspect, and Open Query also offers consulting services to assist you with the process.