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We are an Australian based company with specific expertise in MySQL and MariaDB. Our services include consulting, scalable architecture, proactive remote DBA, system administration, vendor neutral managed services with optional emergency support, mentoring, training, and security and code reviews.


The following is not always an exhaustive list. But don't worry, we aim to catch everybody, with photo so you can see we're all real people here! Read or subscribe to our OQ people blog!

Photo of Arjen

Arjen Lentz (IRC: arjenAU) helped build MySQL AB (employee#25, 2001-2007) until just before its acquisition by Sun Microsystems. He also co-authored the 2nd edition of O'Reilly's High Performance MySQL book, and speaks regularly at user groups and conferences.

Originally Arjen is a C programmer, with coding experience going back to the early 80s. He also has a keen interest in Open Source, sustainable business models (Upstarta), and sensible mental health (BlueHackers). Outside work hours, Arjen likes to spend time with his blended family, cook, walk, camp, read, listen to music, and grow herbs/veggies.

Arjen is Open Query's Founder and Exec.Director

Peter Lock's pic

Peter Lock (IRC: picnicpete) is a system administrator and PHP developer, based in Brisbane, Australia. At Open Query, Pete's specialty is backups. Pete is one of our trainers.

Peter loves getting out and about: cycling, canoeing, bushwalking.

Daniel's photo

Daniel Black (IRC: danblack) after completing an engineering/IT degree went into programming data processing systems in a government department. He then moved on to security auditing, writing information security policy, running a computer security forum, computer incident investigations and datamining.

For a while Daniel was a Gentoo maintainer and still regularly contributed various enhancements to open source projects. He has used MySQL and MariaDB in a wide variety of production environments.

To get away from all computers Daniel plays with his three cats and goes caving with his partner.

Thom McIntyre (IRC: pterosaur265) is a system administrator. He's also worked as a software engineer and is an advocate of free open source software.

Thom enjoys travelling, cycling, classic cars and aircraft, music, radio and nature.

Thom takes care of Open Query's internal systems.


Past employees include Toby Thain, Zak Greant, Walter Heck, Peter Lieverdink, Elspeth Thorne, Sarah Walters, Sean Pringle, Lyndon Swan, Guillaume Lefranc, Steve Dalton, Grant Allen. Ray Cauchi and Sebastian Bergmann also did their parts. In their different jobs they've all helped build OQ. Thanks!