MySQL Installation, Security and User Management

Product: MySQL/MariaDB
Audience: DBA

This course module is useful for DBAs who have practical basic familiarity with MySQL, but the day also has high value for DBAs who already have experience with other databases. Interactivity and exercises are an integral part of the day, providing an optimal environment for gaining new skills and reinforcing best practises.

MySQL can be installed on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris and OS X. Different versions and packages are available, each with slight differences in directory paths and other behaviour. A MySQL DBA needs to be a guru on their own selected environment, as well as having a working knowledge of the other instances they may encounter.

MySQL Server is easily set up and ready to go within mere minutes, however this does not make it suitable for a production environment in terms of performance, security, and monitoring. Additional configuration of MySQL Server as well as its operating environment is necessary.

User access control in MySQL Server is superficially simple, yet often misunderstood. This can be seen to result in either overcomplicated and unmaintainable setups, or giving users too much access, making the system insecure and vulnerable to user and coding errors.

Thus we delve into how MySQL access control actually works, separate the important from the unnecessary, to create an efficient and secure working environment.