MariaDB Backup, Recovery and Replication Workshop

Product: MySQL/MariaDB
Audience: DBA, High Availability

Backups can be made through different means, and not all methods are suitable in every environment. Likewise, methods can be combined or used in parallel, to ease recovery procedures.

We explore the different methods and tools (some of which you may not be familiar with), when and where to use each, discuss common problems and pitfalls, and provide a good basis for developing processes for keeping your data safe in your own environment.

Have you considered that different storage engines store their data in different files and handle these in fundamentally different ways? Naturally, this affects how you can back them up safely. And how replication can help in many scenarios?

Interactivity and exercises are an integral part of the day, providing an optimal environment for gaining new skills and reinforcing best practises. The classroom provides a safe environment to experiment and break things on purpose – you don’t know how good a backup is until you have tried to restore it!

This course day is useful for DBAs who have a decent familiarity with MySQL, but the day also has high value for DBAs and system administators who already have experience with other databases, as many aspects of this topic are MySQL/MariaDB specific.

Topics covered include:

  • Multi-source and multi-threaded slave replication (MariaDB 10.0)
  • Maatkit/Percona Toolkit for table synchronisation and other tasks
  • Backup/restore tools (mysqldump, xtrabackup, filesystem snapshots, etc)
  • Multi-master replication vs Galera for high availability (Galera itself is a separate workshop)

Note: this module is also suitable for clients using stock (Oracle) MySQL or Percona Server.