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We are an Australian based company with specific expertise in MySQL and MariaDB. Our services include consulting, scalable architecture, proactive remote DBA, system administration, vendor neutral managed services with optional emergency support, mentoring, training, and security and code reviews.


There are many tools out there. Here we don't intend to provide a complete overview, those exist elsewhere. We just want to list the few that we deem particularly useful. Please do feel free to add a comment with your own favourites! Note that Open Query does not re-sell any tools. This is a conscious decision, providing you with additional assurance that we are independent in our advice and recommendations.

  • Maatkit - (Perl) is a handy set of tools, with specific trickery for synchronising MySQL Replication. If you run on Windows, get ActiveState Perl (free, just requires registration).
  • Multi-Master Replication Enabler - a script to handle multi-source replication to a slave (round-robin fashion).
  • Support foo for doing multi-master failover:
    • MMM, used by Open Query and also Percona
    • Flipper by Proven Scaling
    • Heartbeat by the Linux High Availability Project
  • Nagios - Enterprice grade Open Source host, service and network monitoring program.
  • Cacti - RRD Based graphing solution
  • myLVMbackup - Use LVM for safe InnoDB backup snapshots (by Lenz Grimmer)
  • mysqladmin - standard with any MySQL installation
    • mysqladmin debug (make MySQL server dump locking info to errorlog)
  • vmstat - Track virtual memory/swap use on Linux
  • iostat - Track I/O issues on Linux
  • phpMyAdmin - Web based MySQL Administration (PHP)
  • MONyog - Web based monitoring
  • HD Latency - A small tool to test the different kind of I/O operations MySQL/MariaDB would/could do on a harddisk, and other devices pretending to be a hard disk (such as SSDs, SANs, battery-backed RAID controllers, and the like). Outputs CSV for easy graphing.