Initial Review

An Initial Review is a good way to get to know the people at Open Query and the way we work. It’s a packaged 4 hour consulting arrangement at a special introductory price of AUD 675 + GST (for 4 hours), where we do the following:

  1. Discuss with you whether there are any particular current concerns you’d like us to investigate.
  2. Arrange remote access to your database server, optionally slaves, and possibly web servers or other related systems.
  3. Take a look around on the servers, both on the OS level as well as the specific services such as MySQL, Apache/lighttpd/nginx.
  4. We report back to you on our findings, and prioritise work. There might be improvements/changes that should be implemented immediately (within the initial review timeframe), and some that can be addressed later (additional ad-hoc work, or over time within a subscription arrangement).
  5. We do the urgent work, as agreed in the prior step and within the agreed timeframe/cost.
  6. We review the gains with you, and discuss future steps and arrangements.

I Want It

Please pass us your details via our Support Inquiry form, and we’ll get back to you!
For urgent issues see our Contact details – please note our terms below.

Initial Review Rate and Terms

  • Obviously it only makes sense to do an initial review once, per client.
  • An Initial Review is capped at 4 hours by default, we do what we can within the budget you set.
  • An emergency is NOT eligible for one of the packaged reviews. Emergency availability is not guaranteed for non-subscribers. You may come in as an urgent case, but we really don’t want you to stay that way. Emergencies are charged at the Unscheduled remote rate. See Open Query Pricing & Terms for current rates.
  • We will invoice you after the initial review. You will pay promptly, or we may choose to not do further business with you. Yes, we do that, happy business relationships are important to us.