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We are an Australian based company with specific expertise in MySQL and MariaDB. Our services include consulting, scalable architecture, proactive remote DBA, system administration, vendor neutral managed services with optional emergency support, mentoring, training, and security and code reviews.


Over the years, Arjen and gang have done many talks at conferences, events and user group meetings around the world. Here's our attempt at a unified archive (in progress). Also, talks from the Brisbane MySQL Users Group will be accessible through here.

Arjen's talks

Please note that -this being an archive and all - some of the content is older and therefore outdated. Also, Arjen worked at MySQL AB at the time, so if you wish to contact him now, please use the Open Query contact form rather than any details from a presentation or paper. The files are the originals (unmodified) and generally also available elsewhere on the net  -but aggregated here for your convenience!

Caption: Arjen's daughter Phoebe in 2005 acting as MySQL Users Conf mascot ;-)

If you know of a talk but can't find the materials here, just drop us a line and we'll see if we can find it for you. MySQL feature/roadmap talks are mostly left out (obsolete/superceded info, generally).The slides for Arjen's "Deadly Sins Using MySQL and PHP" quiz session are not made available, except directly to people who attend a presentation of it. This because it's an "anti talk" where the slides purposely show incorrect stuff. We don't want this to wander onto the net outside its context. You understand.