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MySQL Server Performance Analysis and Tuning - BYO Laptop - Sydney

AUD 375 + GST (BYO laptop)
Thursday, October 25, 2012
Saxons Training Facilities, Level 10, 10 Barack St, Sydney NSW 2000

This module teaches you how to tune a MySQL server based on the needs of the application and the restrictions of the environment. As this is not a one-off job, we start from a sensible baseline configuration, then gather and analyse runtime information to further tune a server over time.

We look at the general and InnoDB specific server options and how they interact, log files (including the MariaDB enhancements for slow query logging), and reviewing and interpreting the statistical data available in the server. Of course there are graphical and command line tools for this, but we teach you how it all works so you can chose appropriate tools and use them to optimal advantage.

Note that the basics of InnoDB architecture and server tuning are covered in our Locking, Transactions & Storage Engines course module, and are presumed as prior knowledge.

We also review which settings can be simply changed at runtime, and which require special procedures.

We use MariaDB 10.0 with XtraDB as our baseline for this module, so the information presented is similar to Percona Server 5.6, and a superset of stock (Oracle) MySQL 5.6

This course will be be taught by arjen in Sydney.