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MySQL Optimisation by Design - BYO Laptop - Sydney

AUD 275 + GST (BYO laptop)
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Saxons Training Facilities, Level 10, 10 Barack St, Sydney NSW 2000

Navigating between the extremes of “premature optimization” and treating optimization as an emergency measure in case of trouble, this one-day training course explores how to design your applications with MariaDB infrastructure in a way that is future-safe. This involves some programming and RDBMS skills, good practises, and not treating the toolset like a black box.

Understanding how (and why) components work the way they do (MariaDB in particular) can help you make the most of the environment you work in, rather than battling with it. Some of the examples may use PHP, although the topic covers all application languages.

This course module is useful for developers who have practical basic familiarity with MySQL or MariaDB, but the day also has high value for experienced developers. The MariaDB Locking, Transactions, Storage Engines module is the perfect sequel to this day, and generally scheduled adjacently.

This course will be be taught by arjen in Sydney.