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Petition for MySQL consideration in Oracle+Sun merger

MySQL requires special consideration in the Oracle+Sun merger, otherwise both Oracle and MySQL users and vendors will literally pay the price. If you agree, please sign this petition now.

To be very clear, Open Query is in favour of the merger, we feel that overall it's a good fit. We would also like to see it happen quickly, as obviously this is best for Sun employees and clients, as well as Oracle's broad business prospects.

MySQL has been a highly disruptive force in the global database market, previously dominated by Oracle:

  • When an Oracle client renews their license, they mention the word MySQL and the Oracle pricing drops by 50%. With Oracle owning MySQL without any changes, would you expect any more than a quick snigger from the Oracle sales person? A company can't disrupt itself.
  • Vendors of (closed source) storage engines and other plugins are reliant on licensing arrangements with Sun. Oracle has indicated that it will not assert its IP and guarantee extension of existing arrangements until 2014. That's not a sustainable business prospect, how would you feel as a client when you know licensing ends in 2014? So, for users and therefore vendors the future for these product lines effectively ends the day Oracle controls MySQL. It's simple economics/business.
  • MySQL and Oracle co-exist in many companies, with legacy applications on Oracle and new developments on MySQL. Naturally enterprise companies want service, and often from the original vendor at least as a baseline guarantee. Oracle sales has no incentive to promote/sell MySQL in any way, it's more profitable to expand an existing Oracle deployment. Again, a company can't disrupt itself, a salesperson will always prioritise what's profitable for them. It's natural.

This is not about continuation of development primarily, GPL indeed covers much of that. Oracle and MySQL are very different database products, but many apps can be developed on either, and thus there is effectively a large overlap or competitive arena. That will disappear overnight. Companies just don't compete with themselves, not successfully anyway.

Please sign the global petition now, you can choose between multiple options of what you feel should be done, as well as space to provide your own free input to those reviewing the merger. Let's see this move forward the right way.