Open Query Partners

Web Development

Are you a web development company? Open Query Pty Ltd can enhance your expertise in the realm of scalable architecture, tuning, and security audits. We can also manage your hosting – we’re vendor neutral.


Are a hosting provider? You can partner with us, from remote DBA to full managed services.


We partner with selected training providers to offer our client a range of extra skills.

  • hastexo! Academy for OpenStack training and related expertise.
  • for advanced PHP expertise and project quality assurance (PHPUnit) workshops.

For more information, contact us.

Monitoring & Analytics

Open Query Pty Ltd is a partner of New Relic, which helps us and our clients with excellent code-level monitoring and user experience information.

We also use Munin for trend graphing over time, integrated with our Redmine project management system.

At Open Query, we strongly believe that it’s better to use awesome existing technologies rather than re-inventing the wheel with new proprietary tools.


mariadb-foundationOpen Query Pty Ltd has been a long-term supporter (and sponsor) of the MariaDB Foundation, enabling the continued development and improvement of MariaDB developers and assuring support of key developers of the product.