Open Query Job Opportunities

rect2422At Open Query, we aim to provide a low or no-stress work environment (BlueHackers and Upstarta are among our spinoffs). You’ll make a life, as well as a living. See it as a lifestyle choice as well as a job.

We offer ongoing part-time contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of hours, as well as an agreed maximum. So you can have more free time, or do other things. We pay decent rates so you may find that part-time is quite sufficient for your life needs.

Yes, we’re flexible, but we do take commitments seriously. Contact us, and we’ll discuss…

Open Query engineer Daniel Black writes:

Working at Open Query has enabled me to work remotely at times that suit me with no emergencies. There’s a great variety of customers that we assist and the variety of technical (though primarily MySQL/MariaDB database related) work extends to advising customers on application development, web server configuration and operating system optimisation. Our customers’ dedication to continual improvement of their systems and our role in assisting making this happen is very satisfying.

Being a small company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse. Although you are not required to be able to do everything, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests (showing you’re motivated and a quick learner), both related to your job tasks and otherwise.

Jobs @ OQ

All OQ jobs are work-from-home but generally speaking you must be based in Australia or New Zealand.

  • MySQL/MariaDB Engineer/Consultant – please apply!
  • Trainer – no current vacancies (we particularly like engineers with training skills, so see above as well.)
  • Office Manager – no current vacancies.
  • Accounts & Administration – no current vacancies.
  • Sales Account Manager (technical) – no current vacancies.
  • Internal Systems Engineer – no current vacancies.
  • Internal Systems: Redmine development – no current vacancies.

Sounds good! What next?

Detailed applications (resume in plain txt please) to:

r e c r u i t m e n t (at) o p e n q u e r y (dot) c o m (dot) a u

Asking questions is encouraged! You want the gig, you “work” for it. Your initial message to us may already indicate inventiveness, attitude, approach, and so on. (For instance, doing things contrary to the instructions here is a good example of fail.)

We’ll get back to you with some questions to assess your general, job-relevant and problem solving skills, and after that we’ll have a chat in person, on the phone or over skype.