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Visiting Monty HQ

On this big trip, I made particular effort to finally visit Monty at his home near Helsinki. Somehow, in all my years at MySQL AB, this never happened – a sad omission. So, I spent the Easter days with Monty, Anna and now 5yo Maria.

I’m not a fan of most meetings, and in many cases in-person meetings are not actually necessary to get things organised or done, but I think this was both most enjoyable as well as productive for our respective businesses and joint interests. Good company, discussion, food, drink, sauna… fabulous.

It’s a great pity we live on opposite sides of the planet, as we do get along very well together. We definitely don’t agree on everything, but we’re always absolutely direct with each other, and try to provide good arguments whenever we disagree, to explore things further.

One thought on “Visiting Monty HQ

  1. Sounds like a great time! I always love visiting with them. I had one of the best code reviews when visiting there once, let alone great meals an company.

    I wish there was a portal that could get you places are the globe instantaneously so I could visit with Monty and Anjuta more often!

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