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Petition for MySQL consideration in Oracle+Sun merger

MySQL requires special consideration in the Oracle+Sun merger, otherwise both Oracle and MySQL users and vendors will literally pay the price. If you agree, please sign this petition now.

To be very clear, Open Query is in favour of the merger, we feel that overall it’s a good fit. We would also like to see it happen quickly, as obviously this is best for Sun employees and clients, as well as Oracle’s broad business prospects.  Read more

4 thoughts on “Petition for MySQL consideration in Oracle+Sun merger

  1. From the ‘Read more’ link above:
    you can choose between multiple options of what you feel should be done

    No, the petition does not have a choice for me or many other people. This is the kind of petition that Rupert Murdoch owned Fox uses for much of their ‘fair and balanced’ reporting.

    The choices on the petition are:
    * oracle must divest mysql
    * oracle must change the license for the client library
    * oracle must change the license on all of mysql

  2. Obviously, if you don’t agree with the premise at all, you don’t sign the petition. It’s not a vote with for/against.

    Within the context of the premise, what option would you like to choose?

  3. >>>
    Please sign the global petition now, you can choose between multiple options of what you feel should be done, as well as space to provide your own free input to those reviewing the merger. Let’s see this move forward the right way.
    Which is it? Are you in favor of the merger as you state on this page? Or do you want me to sign the petition as you state in the text copied from the ‘Read more’ page?

    When an Oracle client renews their license, they mention the word MySQL and the Oracle pricing drops by 50%
    Did you just make that up? I thought Monty explained that Oracle reduces their prices by 90% when MySQL is around. Which is true? I am sure it isn’t as simple as this.

    You write that MySQL is disruptive and include the impact from storage-engine vendors in that statement. What impact have closed-source storage engine vendors had on the world or the MySQL user base? How many customers do they have? While it may be valid for the EC to take their sweet time evaluating this deal on behalf of the millions of MySQL users. The same does not hold on behalf of the hundreds of users of the storage engine vendors.

  4. Hi Mark!

    Both, and there’s no conflict with that position. As the entry states, I am in favour of the overall merger, however I do believe that MySQL requires special consideration and the petition addresses that. Some are portraying a concern or conditional as an opportition to the merger, but that’s not correct. The world is not black and white.

    I dunno where Monty got his number, you’d have to ask him. I got mine from clients and sales people over the last 5 or so years, in the US as well as Australia. It has been fairly simple in sales negotiations, similarly to how the mention of Linux acts as a magic word when dealing with Microsoft.

    Ok, so your assertion is that the closed source storage engine vendors have an insignificant # of users, and thus should not be a consideration in this? That’s of course a valid position, but fact is that it will end-of-line a number of products and possibly businesses. Niche they may be, but they’re also fairly new and some might grow to more significance since they are specialised systems. Personally, I’d like OSS engines better, and Open Query leads by example with OQGRAPH, just like Paul does with PBXT.

    In any case, the impact on the closed source plugin (engine and otherwise) vendors and others dependent on non-GPL licenses (this includes various OEM and embedded arragements) is a fact, and that’s why I noted it. Whether someone regards that fact as an issue swaying their opinion in a particular direction is their choice.
    I think it’s valid to put it on the table, discuss it, and everybody can make up their own mind.

    I really dislike all the black&white stuff, and I’ve purposely stayed out of most of those threads over the half year. There’s nothing wrong with nuance.

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