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OQGRAPH update: speed, maze example, 5.0 packages

Antony has done a bit of magic, considerably speeding up inserts. Since the base implementation does not have persistence, insert speed is particularly important. Copying the 2×89,051 edges for the Tree-of-Life example is now near-instant.

The delete bug has been fixed.

There’s a new Maze example in the OQGRAPH trunk on Launchpad, first introduced in my MySQL University session. I created/inserted a maze of 1 million rooms (that comes to about 3 million edges), and OQGRAPH found the shortest path (122330 steps for this particular maze) in abound one second. That’s pretty good, I think!

Last but not least, the OurDelta builds of MySQL 5.0.87-d10 have been published (for all Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL, generic) and the -Sail edition of the packages have OQGRAPH built-in. So if you use 5.0 or just want to play, it’s now very easy to get started!

Earlier in the week we received a message from an early OQGRAPH adopter, telling how he’s using it to manage paths in his IP network: calculations that would previously require many minutes are now completed in a fraction of a second and a single query. He admitted to be pretty much an all Oracle shop, with this OQGRAPH app being his first exploration of MySQL space. He loves OQGRAPH, and I suppose that by proxy implies he likes MySQL too 😉