Posted on MySQL connectivity: update

A while ago I wrote about native MySQL connectivy for which Georg Richter had spent a lot of time on, but which then got stuck in some licensing foo. That blog entry generated a number of responses from former MySQL colleagues, noting that something was in the works. A bit later Georg himself commented:


sorry, but I didn’t find the time to blog about – I had to write some code 🙂

The license of the code will be LGPL 3.0 (like OpenOffice) – it still uses libmysql. The code will be available via pretty soon.

If you’re interested in testing some binaries, check out the new preview version at


So that’s cool, and everybody please do check it out!

It’s still not clear to me how this actually works in terms of licensing, if it still uses libmysql. Ohwell, I guess it doesn’t really matter to users of OOo (LGPL+GPL is fine for us) and the most important thing is that it’ll be in the main OOo codebase soon. How Sun makes it jive for StarOffice is entirely their problem 😉