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MySQL Replication Heartbeat

Well isn’t that interesting, hidden all the way at the end of the MySQL 5.4 information are two words that really peaked my interest: Replication Heartbeat. And it wasn’t even using caps or other highlighting in the original text. Reading through the feature list of 5.4, I’m very impressed. All necessary/useful stuff for the real world, no marketing or enterprise blah.

Of course we’ll have to explore it in detail to have more opinion. Proof is in production, not paper. As this is the first most of us have heard/seen of it, it’ll take time to explore. Someone who tried to install the tarball this morning got an assertion during the system table installation. That’s not the best first impression, but that might be a build issue. I’m really pretty excited about the lineup of actual useful features.

Update… ok so at the end of the announcement it refers to a Preview Release (Edwin, can you please murder this ghastly oxymoronic abomination in OSS Marketing?) and then a note that apart from some InnoDB performance patches the described enhancements are not actually in the version that was just made available. There will be future announcements/releases. Was I just giving compliments for actual delivery, and it turns out it’s vaporware after all. Aaargh!!!

So, we’ll be perusing instead. The old “show us the code” works best. Let’s hope the code is actually there.

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  1. Hi Arjen!

    Replication heartbeats are in MySQL 6.0 already. This (like many other of the listed features) will be backported to 5.4.

    You can see the option in CHANGE MASTER TO in 6.0:


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