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Looking for MySQL-ish things around Thailand/SE Asia

I recently relocated to Khon Kaen, Thailand for 3 months. Since I can do my Open Query work from anywhere (as long as there is a decent internet connection with not too much latency) that is entirely no problem. It is a nice city, far from the business/busyness of Bangkok. Almost noone speaks english here, which makes even the simplest task an adventure (imagine miming an umbrella in front of 10 giggling store employees)

Now that I have gotten settled in Khon Kaen, I am looking for fun work-related things to do around here: conferences, user groups, interesting projects etc. Anything goes really, even if it is not so much work-related. I also have free time on my hands 🙂

I am quite likely going to do a tutorial on MMM at in Kuala Lumpur. It’s still waiting on a few things since I announced my availability super-late, but I have good hope. I am turning to our readers to ask for suggestions of places/people that I can visit while here. Suggestions anyone?

2 thoughts on “Looking for MySQL-ish things around Thailand/SE Asia

  1. Hi Walter, nice to know that you’re in Khon Kaen ! I’ve been there before a couple years ago, actually the problem in Thailand is the one you describe : very difficult to communicate with locals out of Bangkok, you have to learn some Thai very fast 🙂
    I also happen to be in SE Asia – Philippines right now, there should be more opportunities for you to find conferences or user groups since everybody is speaking English here as an official language. Besides, you might also like the place, living on islands is what you would call a departure from usual life 🙂
    Have a great time in Thailand,

  2. I’m in Jakarta till Wednesday with some other MySQL Cluster users. I feel your pain about communicating with the locals. Though in Jakarta there are a fair number of people who speak “Inggrish” well.

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