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The king of traffic spikes?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have one way or the other heard about the king of pop passing away. This is in my opinion a great loss to the world, as this man was like a god to me when I was a little boy.
Besides it being really sad that he died, it is also a good test for the systems us techies take care of: the web has seen some of it’s biggest spikes in traffic on june 25th.
That is not over yet though. Next tuesday there will be a memorial service in LA, which will also be live broadcasted on the web. For any system administrator and/or DBA responsible for a site that is news or social media related, this will be yet another good real-life load test.
Rest assured that many people will find their favorite news site or social media application to get the latest on this event.
Now might be a good time to make sure you are ready for a spike like that, and if you were planning a day off for tuesday, you might want to inform your replacement for the day about your phone number. Then again: if your design is dodgy, you are in trouble anyway.