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InnoDB Performance Tuning (training course day for MySQL)

This DBA course day is in part based on info from Peter Zaitsev‘s earlier explorations (thanks Peter), and of course new insights from the High Performance MySQL book (there’s a lot of Baron in there, all credit to his great work!), wisdom from Mark Callaghan, with my own teach approach and style thrown in to turn it into a good yet fun educational day!

Just like with other topics, extending this to a full day allows the issue to be explored much better rather than getting skimmed over as a small part of a much bigger course. After all, if you understand the tool, how it does things and why, you can utilise it more optimally. The skimming wouldn’t help you in this sense.

I still have some customers use MyISAM (out of habit mainly) but the default storage engine really is InnoDB, effectively, even if the server build does not see it that way by default 😉 But there is more to tune, things to know. Just converting to InnoDB does not make the application run any better necessarily. It might reduce lock contention in some cases (like update heavy apps), but the overall running might be slower without the right setup. While maintaining ACID, there’s much that can be done.

The course is part of the DBA course days that Open Query has currently scheduled in cities around Australia, and in Auckland New Zealand. For dates that are still a few months away you can get up to $50 off (per person/per day) for early bookings.

4 thoughts on “InnoDB Performance Tuning (training course day for MySQL)

  1. I still use MyISAM by default. I have used InnoDB in a few cases but I’ve found it’s more vulnerable to table corruption if there is a server crash, and since server crashes are an unavoidable part of life I have switched back to MyISAM.

    I don’t believe any of my applications performances have suffered visibly as a result.

  2. Tsk.

    Christchurch is still the software innovation capital of NZ. I see more open source activity happening there than anywhere else in NZ. You should be targeting Christchurch for courses at least in addition to Auckland.

  3. That sounds really really wrong.
    Either this is old and a bug, or you have some configuration or hardware/OS issue going on. You’ll want to track that down as it may also affect MyISAM and other files at some point.

    InnoDB is specifically designed to survive crashes, and maintain ACID state.

  4. I’d be more than happy to come to Christchurch!
    Please feel free to toss me an email to discuss.

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