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Just another day at the office…

Another day at the office..
OQ Engineer Walter Heck working from Samara, Costa Rica

Life as a Location Independent Professional can be hard at times, and very good at others!

6 thoughts on “Just another day at the office…

  1. Ha! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Cool location for an office, dude… I was there, too. Do you sit somewhere on the west side of the beach? Somewhere in front of the Health Clinic?
    Cheers and pura vida!

  3. Mmmmhh.
    Well, my current office isn’t nearly as nice, but I wake up every morning to Sanchez Gran Reserva so I’m somehow close to Costa Rica 😛

  4. @Tudor: I had to look it up on a map, but yeah, I’m on the west side of town 🙂

    @Fernando: I had to google to find out that is a coffee-brand, haha!

  5. Dude, you’re an inspiration! What is the net connectivity like there?

  6. It’s pretty good. That is, if it’s not thunderstorming 🙂

    Also, getting internet is much harder then keeping it, thanks to the government monopoly.

    At this house it is 1 Mbit shared with teh neighbours, and on the caribbean side I stayed in a place where there was 3 Mbit.

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