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Challenge: identify this pattern in datadir

You take a look at someone’s MySQL (or MariaDB) data directory, and see

bar -> foo

  1. What’s the issue? Identify pattern.
  2. What does it mean?  Consequences.
  3. Is there any way it can be safe and useful/usable? Describe.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Challenge: identify this pattern in datadir

  1. Hi,

    Haven’t tried this at home; would assume duplicate yet identical database;
    The kind of things that can only mean trouble, though: not to be used as some kind of magic trick-solution-hack-workaround.

  2. I suspect someone has shell access/rights they should not and /or the MySQL file privilege.

    Alternatively, little Bobby Tables is poking around ;-). the solution to which is to lock down database access, for example, to calling stored procedures.

    1. Mark, it was done on purpose by the user. Go with that, then address the questions. No bobby tables 😉

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