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Can I have your horror-stories, please? (SANs and VMs)

Please make it descriptive, graphic, and if anything burnt or exploded I’d love to have pictures.
Include an approximate timeline of when things happened and when it was all working again (if ever).

This somewhat relates to the earlier post A SAN is a single point-of-failure, too. Somehow people get into scenarios where highly virtualised environments with SANs get things like replication and everything, but it all runs on the same hardware and SAN backend. So if this admittedly very nice hardware fails (and it will!), the degree of “we’re stuffed” is particularly high. The reliance in terms of business processes is possibly a key factor there, rather than purely technical issues.

Anyway, if you have good stories of (distributed?) SAN and VM infra failure, please step up and tell all. It’ll help prevent similar issues for others. Thanks. I’m not anti-SAN or anti-VM, but both need to be used when appropriate and in the proper context.

4 thoughts on “Can I have your horror-stories, please? (SANs and VMs)

  1. I am sure you know about my epic SAN disaster story that could have cost the company $100 million 🙂


  2. Do I? Dunno. But for the rest of the audience…

  3. User referenced to your post from On Oracle (and MySQL) saying: […] for those different needs, and in some cases they are hideously bad fits. This is why I bring up issues like SAN deployments. SANs are very good, but in the MySQL space they are generally (not always) the wrong choice. But someone thinks … […]


    I wasn’t involved in that in any stage so can’t comment.

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