There are many tools out there. Here we don't intend to provide a complete overview, those exist elsewhere. We just want to list the few that we deem particularly useful. Please do feel free to add a comment with your own favourites! Note that Open Query does not re-sell any tools. This is a conscious decision, providing you with additional assurance that we are independent in our advice and recommendations.

  • Maatkit - (Perl) is a handy set of tools, with specific trickery for synchronising MySQL Replication. If you run on Windows, get ActiveState Perl (free, just requires registration).
  • Multi-Master Replication Enabler - a script to handle multi-source replication to a slave (round-robin fashion).
  • Support foo for doing multi-master failover:
    • MMM, used by Open Query and also Percona
    • Flipper by Proven Scaling
    • Heartbeat by the Linux High Availability Project
  • Nagios - Enterprice grade Open Source host, service and network monitoring program.
  • Cacti - RRD Based graphing solution
  • myLVMbackup - Use LVM for safe InnoDB backup snapshots (by Lenz Grimmer)
  • mysqladmin - standard with any MySQL installation
    • mysqladmin debug (make MySQL server dump locking info to errorlog)
  • vmstat - Track virtual memory/swap use on Linux
  • iostat - Track I/O issues on Linux
  • phpMyAdmin - Web based MySQL Administration (PHP)
  • MONyog - Web based monitoring
  • HD Latency - A small tool to test the different kind of I/O operations MySQL/MariaDB would/could do on a harddisk, and other devices pretending to be a hard disk (such as SSDs, SANs, battery-backed RAID controllers, and the like). Outputs CSV for easy graphing.