Support Overview

At Open Query, we believe that it's wiser to help before trouble occurs, and to prevent it.

  • You really can't prevent servers from failing in some way, in the end they all do. But you can make your infrastructure more resilient, and this mainly requires smarts and expertise, not a massive budget, or components with an "enterprise" label which actually does not even mean they are suitable for your particular needs,
  • Knowledge and skills. Through our training courses, and knowledge transfer during consulting and support engagements, we help you learn to help yourself more. We don't keep secrets. If you want to become a guru in this realm, that's cool with us.
  • Let us assist you throughout your design, development, deployment and maintenance phases. We charge sensible rates as we value ongoing engagements and appreciate that the economy has not been kind to all. Let us help you relax, when you trust that a failure is not an emergency.

Or in the words of legendary aviatrix Amelia Aerhart: to worry is to add another hazard.

Designers, developers, internal ICT teams and businesses need smart, experienced, friendly, responsive, honest support for MySQL, MariaDB and related online technologies. We service small businesses, as well as larger organisations (such as universities) and government.

Open Query provides:

ConsultingMentoringProActive Support*
From $ 200/hour$ 95/monthFrom $ 695/month
Various meansEmail onlyEmail, remote login, phone, monitoring
Ad-HocUp to 1 hour4 or more hours
(* optional 24/7 emergency service)
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Simply contact us today, and we'll get on to it!