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We are an Australian based company with specific expertise in MySQL and MariaDB. Our services include consulting, scalable architecture, proactive remote DBA, system administration, vendor neutral managed services with optional emergency support, mentoring, training, and security and code reviews.

MariaDB Engineer

Job essentials

  • intermediate/advanced/guru level practical skills in MySQL/MariaDB schema/query design, server tuning (decent DBA skills/experience), replication (MMM, Galera);
  • intermediate/advanced/guru level skills in system and network administration;
  • expertise in common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly RHEL/Debian based Linux);
  • shell and Perl scripting;
  • configuration and management of
    • Puppet;
    • Apache, nginx;
    • Memcached;
    • PHP, Java, Ruby and other scripting language environments;
  • live in Australia or New Zealand, with permission to work;
  • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
  • excellent written/verbal English.

Optional extras

  • comfortable public speaker;
  • freedom to travel without restriction.

Range of tasks

  • remote (and on-site) consulting on MySQL/MariaDB and related technologies;
  • systems and infrastructure architecture;
  • supporting development processes;
  • development of internal and external supporting tools, documentation;
  • blog posts.

Other activities

  • development of training materials, tutorials, how-tos, short articles;
  • assisting Open Source projects and public forums with expertise;
  • speaking and helping out at user groups and conferences;
  • teaching highly interactive Open Query course days for MySQL/MariaDB and related technologies.

Sounds good! What next?

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