Visiting Darwin/NT

From this Tuesday 12 May until Sunday 17 May I’m going to be in Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia), teaching custom MySQL training days for a medical research institute.
DarLUG has been extinct for a while, but perhaps there are some local Linux/OSS people reading this?¬†Please do drop me a line if you’d like to catch up while I’m there!
I’ve only flown through Darwin before, never visited/stayed… and I love the tropics (I lived in Cairns for a while) so this shall be a joyous few days! Oh the tough things we have to do in business. I’m also doing a day trip to Litchfield… Kakadu will have to wait until another time (perhaps with Phoebe) as I’m told it’s best visited over multiple days.¬†It’s extra cool that this trip is happening this year since 2009 marks Charles Darwin‘s 200th birthday.

One thought on “Visiting Darwin/NT”

  1. You know, when I see a headline in my RSS reader about Darwin/NT, I think the story has to do with some unholy Microsoft experimental OS kernel, rather than the Australian city. Cheers!

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