Tool of the Day: screen

Only the other day I was talking with someone who does a lot of work on the shell command line, but hadn’t used the GNU screen tool, so I’d better scribble a post about it as I regard it as an absolute must-have for any remote work, for multiple reasons. First of all, what screen does. […]

Tool of the day: inotify

I was actually exploring inotify-tools for something else, but they can also be handy for seeing what goes on below a mysqld process. inotify hooks into the filesystem handlers, and sees which files are accessed. You can then set triggers, or just display a tally over a certain period. It has been a standard Linux […]

Fab tool: watch

A post by Ronald reminded me I wanted to write about watch. The Linux watch command is a fab tool, it allows you to run a program at a set interval, such as every 5 seconds. Handy for keeping an eye on stuff! Update 2009-06-30: yesterday I wrote “… watch does not re-load and run the […]

Tool of the day: ack – better than grep

I’m decently familiar with grep so I can usually make it do what I want. I frequently need to search for instance MySQL source code for certain pattern strings, and this makes life so much easier. But Akash pointed out ack to me, which has the specific tagline “better than grep” (has the domain even) and I […]

Modular vs Integrated

There’s actually no single “correct” answer! It all depends on where in a stack the component lives; the state of the market for that component region; sometimes even geographic location of the user comes into play. Yes, for OSS projects modularity is handy in terms of handling contributions, but modularity may not be the best […]