MySQL data backup: going beyond mysqldump

A user on a linux user group mailing list asked about this, and I was one of the people replying. Re-posting here as I reckon it’s of wider interest. > [...] tens of gigs of data in MySQL databases. > Some in memory tables, some MyISAM, a fair bit InnoDB. According to my > understanding, […]

Tool of the Day: rsnapshot

rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems, based on rsync. Rather than just doing a complete copy every time, it uses hardlinks to create incrementals (which are from a local perspective a full backup also). You can specify how long to keep old backups, and all the other […]

When a backup is not, and when a restore is a failure

Since writing and speaking a bit more about the “relax! a failure is not an emergency” concept, more and more people approach me with interesting horror stories. I’m scribbling a few backup-related ones here for your enjoyment – and naturally there are important lessons. Story 1: A place makes backups that get shipped off-site, interstate […]