MariaDB 5.1 packages for Debian/Ubuntu

See the OurDelta blog for details of this release. RHEL/CentOS packages also coming.

Book: Pro Linux System Administration

Peter Lieverdink (also known as cafuego on IRC/, engineer on OurDelta builds and for Open Query) has co-authored a book that’s available since Monday. The title is Pro Linux System Administration published by Apress. These days some people don’t want to bother with system administration, and either hire or outsource. Others want to find out more […]

Measuring HD latency in ways relevant to MySQL

As I described yesterday, Open Query is doing some tests on SSDs and other devices pretending to be harddisks (SANs, battery-backed RAID controllers, etc). To aid this, I wrote a small tool to test the different kind of I/O operations MySQL would/could do, which is not quite the same as what other general purpose apps would […]

The problem with April Fools in the MySQL/web space…

…is that truth is stranger than fiction. Reality does not appear any more plausible than plain nonsense. We were discussing this yesterday on #ourdelta (Freenode IRC) in the context of How MySQL really executes a query by Baron. Antony Curtis noted that if he’d write a truthful post on that topic, people would think it […]