MySQL conference ’09 Keynote: “State of the Dolphin” by Karen Padir

Here is a semi-liveblog from the opening keynote of the 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo on April 21st in Santa Clara, California. Karen Padir presents “State of the Dolphin”. The room is big, with 2 screens on each side of the central stage. It seems to be completely filling up, but I got a good […]

Oracle agrees to buy Sun

See Oracle Agrees to Acquire Sun Microsystems (NY Times, 20 April 2009).¬†Wellwell, that’s quite interesting, isn’t it… as to what it means for MySQL, ZFS, OpenSolaris,, VirtualBox, Java, and numerous other tidbits, that remains to be seen. It must be a buzzy kind of day at the MySQL Users Conference 2009, with this news […]

Open Query at MySQL Users Conference 2009

I’m not personally there this year, but Walter Heck will be. In case you haven’t met Walter yet, photo enclosed He’s a techie, like you, and he’d love to meet you and hear how you’re using MySQL and surrounding technologies and what things might make your life easier in terms of application architecture, development, deployment, […]