OQGRAPH on Launchpad, graph examples

The MySQL 5.0 and MySQL/MariaDB 5.1 source code is now also available through Launchpad. If you were waiting for a version for 5.1 and are ok with building the plugin from source, now you can!

The repo contains a subdir for examples, we’re hoping many people will contribute little snippets and scripts to import and use interesting datasets. To give you a hint, with graph capabilities you are able to deal with RDF data sources. You just need to transform the XML to say CSV, import into a suitable structure, and copy the edge information across to an OQGRAPH table.

Roland Bouman’s tree-of-life (which uses xslt stylesheets) are a good example of that approach, and was the first entry in the examples tree, including an SQL dump of the base dataset (it was CC-NC licensed) so you don’t necessarily have to fuss with the RDF/xslt foo.

Enjoy! We want to have examples/demos, a proper testsuite (there’s a bug/wishlist for that), and more. If you can help, please do: mucking around with graphs is great fun. If you implement OQGRAPH in a “proper” app, we’d also like to hear from you. The examples are intended to get people used to what OQGRAPH can do, and thus trigger ideas for practical uses. It’s not just fun. With OQGRAPH’s capabilities and speed, you can profit.

One thought on “OQGRAPH on Launchpad, graph examples”

  1. Hi!

    just a correction: The Tree of Life is its own project – I am not affiliated (although I like the project a lot for several reasons)

    I did write some XSLT to turn TOLs XML data into csv. I have several XSLTs to convert the TOL XML format into CSV for adjacency list, materialized path, nested set and ordered level trees, and I’m currently working with arjan to get that available so people can try their hand in working with all these different solutions to deal with trees in a relational database.

    Roland Bouman

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