Open Query training around Australia & New Zealand

Moving ahead nicely, Open Query now has training courses scheduled in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Auckland. If that still makes you feel left out, please do let me know so we can work on it!

Course modules are typically one day, with a few grouped together so there are Dev, DBA, HA sets. There’s quite a selection of topics for MySQL, as well as PHP (QA in PHP Projects Workshop taught by Sebastian Bergmann), and PostgreSQL (taught by Jonathon Coombes). Due to popular demand, Sebastian and I have decided to do a second run of his workshop in Brisbane, after the Melbourne one in August. Should be good!

For courses in August onward, there’s a discount of $50/person/module for bookings before June 15th. For earlier courses, you can still save $25/person/module if you book before June 15th also. And if you’re a student… well, then you can join any day module for as little as $50 total!

Product Audience Course (one-day modules unless noted otherwise)
MySQL Dev Optimisation by Design
Dev/DBA Storage Engine Optimisation
Dev 5.0 Upgrade and Advanced Features
MySQL DBA Installation, Security and User Management
DBA Backup and Recovery
DBA InnoDB Performance Tuning
MySQL HA Scaling and High Availability Solutions
HA DRBD and Heartbeat for MySQL Workshop
HA Replication Workshop
HA Cluster Workshop
PHP Dev Quality Assurance in PHP Projects (3 days)
PostgreSQL DBA Administration
DBA PostgreSQL Performance Tuning
DBA PostgreSQL Replication Workshop
DBA Bucardo PostgreSQL Replication Workshop

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  1. Great lineup! I’m looking forward for a few of the MySQL DBA modules, I’m sure it’ll be a great learning experience for me :)


    – Andy

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