MySQL User Groups @ MySQL Conference 2008

More birds-of-a-feather evening sessions… this time a meeting about meetings: local MySQL user groups around the world. Please add yourself to if you run, want to start, or otherwise participate in a MySQL group where you live, and intend to attend this BoF session. We can exchange experiences and ideas, and I wrangled some books out of Apress which I’m happy to hand out for some of you to take back to your local groups!

(meanwhile, the Sunday community dinner event is coming along nicely with already nearly 30 people saying they’ll come, including many community developers and MySQL alumni – looks like that’s going to be a great gathering!)

2 Responses to “MySQL User Groups @ MySQL Conference 2008”

  1. MySQL alumni, I like that.

  2. Hi Arjen,

    I still can’t register at the Forge site. Can you please RSVP one more person for dinner: Michelle Mashraqi.

    Also, I will have a car and would be happy to give rides.


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