MySQL projects on launchpad, sourceforge, google code and

While doing some work for the MySQL MMM project, I got distracted and browsed around for a bit. I started searching for MySQL on google code, and then expanded that search into launchpad, sourceforge and of course
I found that there are literally thousands of FOSS MySQL projects on these sites. No surprise really, but still not something we stop to think about every day.
I thought I would share that with you here so you can go and have a look for yourself to see if you see anything that might be useful to you. Of course if you do, please blog about it so we can all benefit from it.

DISCLAIMER: many of these projects are in development, it depends on the project really. Before you go off and use a new tool you have never heard of in production, make sure to test it properly beforehand.
Finding out some tool doesn’t work as advertised on a production system is pretty nasty.

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  1. One site I recommend highly is It is a site that you can find open source projects on. You can also see reviews from other users, how many other users report using tools, and statistics about the code.

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